10,000 NFT FOMO Bunnies

The FOMO Bunny collection is a mixture of meme and technology to provide comfort and peace ( and rewards) from the fear of missing out.

Public mint :


1 NFT = ~$50.00 USD in MATIC

Maximum: 3 NFT per wallet

Each NFT contains
a rare bunny.

unique bunnies with different rarities

Providing soft fluffy bunnies with rewards and reflections to help people feel better.

Dropping on Polygon

NFT Dropping on Polygon for minimal fees and maximum marketability.

Use most Wallets

Our unique collection of 10,000 Bunnies is dropping on Polygon (MATIC). You must have 'MATIC' to pay for basic minting fees, which most wallets now support.

Bringing serenity to the crypto community

Make a contribution to world by owning a FOMO Bunny and spread the love and rewards!

FOMO Bunnies * the rarest breed of bunnies in the world * rewards and reflections multiply like bunnies * don’t miss out, get a FOMO Bunny * for your NFT Collection.

FOMO Bunnies are a collection of 10,000 unique, randomly generated NFTs on the POLYGON(MATIC) blockchain with various rarities, backgrounds, that make them special.

Road map

Comming soon...

We are a team of passionate bunny and money lovers.

We are building a Team and community of Bunny lovers. Get a FOMO Bunny NFT and multiply like rabbits!


FOMO Bunnies are 10,000 rare NFT Bunnies living on the Polygon/Matic Chain. A “Non-fungible Token” is unique ownable digital artwork that you can buy and own like any asset.

When minting begins, you can Mint a Bunny at or the main minting site –

FOMO Bunnies are expected to open for minting in April during Easter.

The team includes the group and leading blockchain developers, for a fun safe project.

You can use most wallets that can hold MATIC, like metamask or trust wallet, or others.







Join our community

Our community is a group of people held together by the "Fear of Missing Out". Join the FOMO Bunny community for giveaways, airdrops, to get whitelisted, and interact with other members. More Info Coming Soon!

Mint a Fomo Bunny with MATIC at and also main minting site -